Monthly Archives: August 2017

Not Just Ads

When it comes to marketing, we often think solely of advertisements, and that’s not wrong, per se, but it’s an incomplete picture of the vast field of marketing. While internet ads targeting younger demographics and featuring trendy clothes from New York & Company and some hip indie music are the most visible side of marketing, there’s much more going on below the surface. There are many elements under the umbrella term of marketing that ultimately determine the success or failure of your business, so it’s best to know your stuff. Here are some factors to consider when marketing your business.

Branding is everything. Branding is, itself, another somewhat nebulous term, but the gist of branding is it’s like the outfit your business wears and, therefore, the bulk of first impressions for your clientele. Therefore, this form of marketing is on site, primarily, though it will also feature in advertisements. The main goal of branding in all of its forms is to invite your potential clients to partake of your services, make them feel welcome and that they can trust you, and inform them of what your business does. Ways to do this include cool colors like blue that boost creativity and have a calming effect on people, thick blocky lettering, and a thematically appropriate logo and/or mascot.

Another important factor in marketing is research. Research takes many forms, but perhaps the quickest and easiest, though not always the most reliable, is the focus group. A focus group is a group of individuals from the target demographic of your product that basically gives feedback on your product prior to release to help you “focus” on what needs to be improved. This is a great way to ensure a successful and popular product, though the sample size needed to ensure mass appeal is not conducive to the exercise, itself, so don’t lean too hard on this method.